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Glass Reinforced Polyester Tanks


Technical Specifications

Panel Sizes

  • For 1000mm x 1000mm module:-Glass Reinforced Polyester
  • 1000mm x 1000mm, 500mm x 1000mm.
  • Each individual panel is moulded under high pressure of 4.5 Bar.


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Panel Configuration

Tank Division Examples

Tank Configuration Examples

  • water availablility
  • Videx image schematics for the different types of sectional GRP tank panels available at Videx Storage Tanks
  • Sectional tank division schematics of the Videx Storage Tanks
  • Videx Storage tanks Configurations

Tank Cover/ Roof

  • Glass Reinforced Polyester sectional panel cover.
  • Is provided with a hinged manhole and air vent.


Level Indicator
Mechanical, of cat & mouse type, in metric scale for each compartment

  • Internal & external ladders of mild steel, hot-dipped galvanised.
  • Safety cage for external ladders also available
Ball Valve Boxes & Bottom Sumps
Ball valve boxes & bottom sumps at client’s request will provide added capacity to the storage tank.

Hole Openings & Pipe Flanges
Hole openings and welded pipe sockets & flanges are provided at the client’s requests.

For the jointing of the panel flanges, we provide high density ultraviolet resistance PVC foam gaskets. Also, specially formulated Butyl rubber mastic compound is provided for the cleats that offer excellent water-tightness.

Vortex Inhibitor

Assists in maximising effective tank capacity by preventing initration of vortices within a tank when contained liquid is being extracted. Vortex Inhibitors are supplied in accordance with customer specification. Ranges from 100mm NB to 500mm NB.

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